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Veneers for teeth with permanent retainers?

I have permanent retainers and I was wondering if I could get them.

About how much do they cost?

Veneers for teeth with permanent retainers?
Veneer are 350 to 500 dollars, and yes you can get veneers with the retainers on provided that the dentist does not impinge on them when he/she is preparing your veneer.

Veneers or braces?

how much do those stuff costs? are they worth the pain? the high maintenance thing u have to live with? which is better?

Veneers or braces?
braces are better and they are cheaper than veneers. my braces are 3363 dollars and veneers are more expenisive
Reply:im having my braces now and it cost me $4000.
Reply:I'm not sure how much veneers cost but I know it's a lot more then braces.
Reply:I think braces are better, causes less damage to ur teeth.
Reply:well it depends da state in which ur teeth is...veneers r definetly most costly then braces coz in venerrs the tooth is prepared and then a coatiing of restoration is placed on the tooth,,,so individual prep is done for each tooth,,,so it will be costly...whereas in braced dere is no preparation to be done...only if u rconscious u can go for tooth coloured braces...u can ask ur dentist he ill decide and den go ahead..
Reply:Veneers are nice but you have to have your natural tooth prepped and something glued to the outside of it, and there is always a chance that they can fail. If you have braces and make your teeth straight and that keeps you from having to have veneers, that would be the better way to go. Braces in the end are worth all the work that comes with them, and the pain in not horrible.
Reply:DONT GET Veneers! I had veneers put on last May and it has been nothing but trouble. They gournd down my real teeth so there is no going back. My real teeth weren't even that bad to begin with. But the veneers fall off and then you have to walk around with a ugly stump of a tooth until the dentist can fit you in to rebond it onto your tooth. Its painful too.l
Reply:Well, I had my top 4 front teeth veneered. I had a gap in betweeen my front two teeth. It was very quick and they look wonderful, many compliments. It was about $1100 per tooth. So its not cheap. I would probably do it again. I do sometimes worry about cracking or chipping one, but I suppose that can happen to teeth that are not veneered also.
Reply:Elle, You are comparing apples and Oranges. Veneers are great if you have straight teeth and your teeth have some defects or chipped. If you get veneers with crowded teeth, your teeth will not look any better and you are out of several thousand $. In addition, veneers require removal of tooth structure (unless you get a new kind of veneers called Lumineers). Hope that helps.
Reply:That stuff can be really costly, but it depends on where you live. If you would feel better about yourself getting your teeth fixed and that is worth the pain for you, go for it. But you are obviosly bothered by the state of your teeth or you wouldnt be asking. The confidence to flash a beautiful smile is worth the money and pain to a lot of people. It just depends on you. As far as cost goes, This plan may help you (if you live in the US) Its the #1 dental benefits company in America.

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Reply:Veneers cost more because it is per tooth done while braces cost less and most times are covered under dental insurance. The cost depends on your dentist and insurance. Braces are temporary and your real teeth are not covered. Veneers are porcelain and they cover the teeth. They can last 15-20 years if you take care of them. You need to talk to your dentist on which would be better for you.
Reply:My braces cost me 5000 dollars!

Which is better, porcelain veneers or regular veneers, and what are the prices?

DrAcidBath is correct. "Regular" veneers ARE porcelain veneers. I suspect that you are asking about a comparison between "direct bonded" resin veneers, done in one sitting, and porcelain veneers.

This is a very hard question to answer without knowing exactly what your teeth look like, how well you care for your teeth, etc. Knowing how comfortable your dentist is with each procedure makes a difference also.

My daughter bugged me and bugged me to do veneers on her teeth. She had some dark spots from medication as a baby (no choice in the matter...) and I agreed that she should have some treatment, but I did not want to place porcelain veneers on her at a young age. Finally, at age 16, I was willing to use bonding for her front six teeth. (Dentists - I only did 6-11, because we were not changing the shade.) My plan was to replace them with porcelain once she was in her 20's. She is now 33 years old and the bonding still looks great. (Dentists - I used Z-100 in 1989. I DID prepare a finish line.)

On the other hand, I have a dental assistant who needed "something" done, but she declined porcelain veneers and asked me to do the same thing that she saw on my daughter's teeth. (She said that she knew porcelain would not last forever and she wanted to delay her "permanent" treatment.) I did the same thing for her and found that she wore them out by excessive brushing, no matter how much I warned her, and we ended up replacing them - ALL of them - every 3 to 4 years. She just wore them down so much that you could see the edges of her natural teeth showing through. After about 10-12 years of playing with these bonded teeth, she FINALLY let me replace them with Empress porcelain crowns this year.

I have many patients (25 or 30) who have had porcelain veneers for 10-15 years with no problems. Frankly, I have not had problems with veneers failing, but I am very selective about who gets to have veneers as opposed to having a full porcelain crown.

So, it is very difficult to answer your question without seeing the conditions in your mouth. Bonding can be an excellent choice and it might last for a long, long time, as it has lasted 17 years for my daughter. Then again, bonding might not hold up more than 3 or 4 years, as it has for my assistant. When veneers are done properly and placed well, they might last for 20 years or more. When they are placed poorly or used where they really are not appropriate, they might not even last a year.

Discuss the pros and cons with your dentist.

A direct bonded veneer might cost from $300 to $500 and a porcelain veneer might cost from $700 to over $1,000. Multiply this by the number of teeth involved. If you are getting a whole mouthful of veneers, the "unit" price might be reduced.

Which is better, porcelain veneers or regular veneers, and what are the prices?
all veneers fabricated by a dental lab are made of porcelain... the only other type of veneer is not a true dental veneer as defined by the public. the tooth colored material used in dental fillings can also be used to reshape/contour teeth. this type of veneer is cheaper and reversible, but usually less esthetic and less durable.

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How do Lumineer veneers compare in cost to regular veneers?

The cost are about the same, lumineers have very little to no reduction to the tooth and a regular veneer will need a bit of prepping to the tooth that 's going to be fitted for the veneer.

I just got veneers on my 6 front teeth. my dentist suggests another 2.are veneers strong enough to chew with?

are porcelain veners durable enogh to have them on "back" teeth too? or shell i go for crowns?

I just got veneers on my 6 front teeth. my dentist suggests another 2.are veneers strong enough to chew with?

Ceramic-only posterior teeth are strong enough to chew with, and are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the configuration of your posterior teeth, the "veneers" (this is incorrect to use that term for posterior teeth!!!) are not build in the same way as they are on front teeth, but they are meant to sustain normal dental function.

Don't doubt of what your dentist said... He knows better than anybody else on earth what will or won't work in your mouth!
Reply:My husband has procelain all the way around on his bottom and is getting crowns on his top. Yes they are strong enough to chew with. He can eat anything he wants.
Reply:I'd go with your dentist, and explain your concern. If he suggests them, then they must be durable enough. But check before getting them. I'm not sure about the cost, or if that's even an issue, but generally your back teeth aren't as visible, so from a vanity sense, there's not so much of a need, unless its to benefit your oral health or to ease any discomfort.
Reply:I've had mine for over three years, with no problems. I've heard they may not be as good on the bottom teeth. Crowns are more painful and expensive
Reply:If the two teeth that he is suggesting that you get veneers for are on either side of the six that he has already placed, these too are considered anterior (front) teeth. It is normal to recommend 8 veneers if needed and especially if your smile line is huge. You kinda want them there for an even balance. Anything beyond your bi-cuspids will need to have crowns on them. FYI, be careful biting into hard foods such as apples etc with your veneers. If you can break your natural tooth you can surly break a veneer.
Reply:I had a veneer replaced with a crown after it chipped. my other front tooth is a veneer for back teeth, I suggest crowns
Reply:He is probably doing crowns for the posterior teeth. I asume you have a broad smile and now the bicuspids look different. Most doctors start with a full plan I would be cautious if he did six and then came up with the idea for two more. See another doc for opinion # 2
Reply:the "veneer"is wrong term for posterior teeth,anayway it's called full coverage porcelain and it is sronger than your teeth

If you have lumineer (porcelain veneers) on 1 chipped tooth, can you use Invisalign?

I am 16 and I have a small chipped tooth in the front. I want to use invisalign to straighten my teeth. Will the pressure caused by invisalign break the veneer? I am especially interested in lumineers.

Thank You!

If you have lumineer (porcelain veneers) on 1 chipped tooth, can you use Invisalign?
You would be better off having the small chip repaired with "direct bonded resin" even if you are thinking about getting veneers later on. The relationship of the veneered tooth (or teeth) might change during your Invisalign treatment and then an edge would show somewhere that it didn't look so good. If it's a small enough chip, maybe you can just leave it alone until after you're done with the Invisalign.
Reply:Do you have Lumineers or do you want Lumineers?

(sorry for straying off the main question)

DO NOT GET LUMINEERS! They will permanently damage your teeth.

I wore Invisalign for about six months, and the pressure caused by it doesnt seem strong enough to crack anything.

But listen to that guy above me ^

Hes a dentist +)
Reply:I concur with Dr. Sam.
Reply:What am I, a dentist?

I need to know roughly how much a veneers procedure cost per veneer in PAKISTAN?

- Who are good doctors available in Karachi whe does cosmetic dentistry

- How much a single veneer cost

- Can this procedure be done within two weeks

I need to know roughly how much a veneers procedure cost per veneer in PAKISTAN?
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