Friday, May 21, 2010

Temporary home remedy to fix detached veneers?

one of my veneer fell off and I cant get a doctors appointment until 4 days from now, I need to know a way to make my detached veneer stay for at least 4 days....

Temporary home remedy to fix detached veneers?
There is nothing that you should use to try to reattach it temporarily due to the fact that they are very fragile and you would possible have it come loose and crush it during chewing or swallow it. We always tell patients not to try to reattach but have them come in immediately. My advice is "leave it off." You may have some sensitivity, but not so much to cause a toothache and just try not to drink or eat hot or cold allowing these to get on the tooth. I would call the dentist office Monday and tell them you need their emergency appointment for that day to take care of this. All offices have some time allotted just for their emergency patients to be seen. This is not a dire toothache emergency, but you could tell them you're having extreme sensitivity to air and liquids. Which you may have or will have by then. You shouldn't have to wait four days for a re-cement, that long will allow the tooth to become hypersensitive and be more uncomfortable for you during the re-cement procedure. Good luck, call them again Monday morning they may be able to squeeze you in somewhere. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help. Don't take a chance on loosing it or breaking it, a little expensive to replace!

There is a tempory cement available in the drug stores, do not use this as this is a "veneer," not a "crown" and it's is more prone to come off and be crushed or broken when chewing because you may not feel it when it comes loose. This material works good for crowns due to the full coverage, but veneers only cover the facial area and are way too fragile being full porcelain. Don't take a chance of having to have a new one made (at your expense) just leave it off and call the dentist Monday morning.
Reply:Unfortunaltely there is no home remedy, and do not superglue it, cos when the dentist has to remove the veneer to stick it with the proper cement, your tooth can fracture.

Just eat around it and as long as it is not causing you can wait till your appointment. or go to another dentist who can see you asap!
Reply:go to your local pharmacy, they can direct you to a temporary cement that is made for just such an emergency.

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